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Tiffany Fleming

I was born with a Rod in my hand. But not a fly rod as most would think! I started my passion for fishing and the outdoors on a spinning rod and a rooster tail, always following close behind my Dad and absorbing everything he had to teach me. He is a very no nonsense guy! He shows you a few times and your on your own, no nonsense here lol! It wasn't till a trip to Yellowstone in my early 20's that the art of fly fishing caught my eye. 

At a stop along the Madison river in early September is were it all began. The air was crisp, In the distance a bull elk and his herm bedded along the river. I watched in awe as a stranger in waders so effortlessly made beautiful loops in the air, then so gently placed his line on the water...I was in love...I had to get my hands on this! A drive to the Yellowstone lake store, a $100 setup and a 7 day license and I was back in the truck! And thats were my passion...obsession...addiction started! I have never looked back! 15 years and I'm still madly in love with the sport! 

I fish for all species of trout and warm water species! From my home state of South Dakota, to Alaska! I'm an open book and always eager to help my fellow angler. My love of this sport has given me so many opportunities to meet some amazing people....and a connection like no other. I an married to the sport....💜   Love, Tiffany AKA South Dakota Flygirl 

Anyone who knows me, knows I trip over my own two feet! This picture was taken after not so gracefully falling into the moose/kenai confluence...for the SECOND TIME! two years prior I tripped over the SAME rock and went face first! Graceful is NOT my middle name!
— Tiffany Fleming