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Gunnar Brammer

I am the owner of Brammer’s Custom Flies, 25 years old, and currently residing in Duluth, MN. I started fly fishing and tying around the age of 15 but did not really commit myself to the sport until later in life. When I was 22 I was blessed to have spent a summer working for Kelly Galloup out in Montana, and that summer has forever impacted my fishing and tying. I am a passionate streamer fisherman and fly designer chasing smallmouth bass and northern pike in particular, but love to fish for anything with an aggressive nature and bad intentions. I started Brammer’s Custom Flies in the fall of 2015 and have been pursuing fly design ever since. New ideas behind the vice continue to inspire me and challenge the way I tackle fly design and my approach to fishing. I am currently a FlymenFishingCo. Ambassador, Deer Creek Pro Team Member, and Hedron Inc. fly tying Team Member and of course a Karanzas Fly Co pro team member. Aside from all of that, I am most excited about teaching fly tying and fly fishing and hope to inspire the next generation of fly fisherman.


When I worked for Kelly Galloup, Johnie used to make fun of me all the time because I ended everything with “you know what I’m saying?
— Gunnar Brammer