Emma Lindgren

My name is Emma Lindgren and I'm a 19 year old fly fishing and fly tying fanatic from Stockholm, Sweden. For the past 6 years I've been in the fly fishing world as a Fly-Dressing and Vision team member. I started tying flies after receiving a couple of fishing magazines from a relative when I was twelve years old. I thought fly tying seemed so much fun so I order a fly tying starter kit. As soon as I received the kit I spent countless hours i front of the vice and looking at fly tying videos on youtube. The following year I won a fly fishing kit and started fishing with a fly rod. Since then I've been completely hooked. I've had the great pleasure to participate in many fishing expos and gotten the opportunity to meet so many fantastic tiers which have given me so much inspiration. But my number one mentor have always been Niklaus Bauer and to have being able to spend so much time with him for the past year has definitely had a massive impact on my fly tying and fishing.  

Living in Stockholm, my fishing and fly tying has mostly been aimed for pike. But as the teenager I am, I still try out a bunch of new things and I enjoy tying all kinds of flies and fish for many different species. I love fly fishing and fly tying because you can never master it, there's always something new to try and I think that's absolutely fantastic"



I like the fishing but what I absolutely love is the amazing memories, experiences and friendships fishing has given me
— Emma Lindgren