Apex Predator Series Bobbins

The apex predator series bobbin is a bobbin for everhyone, but it will truly find its place in the hands of the tyers that like to tie meatier flies, from trout streamers to pike flies and big bulky salt patterns. all of its functions are made with the flytyer in hand, as we ourselfs are tyers and fly fisherman. state of the art materials and material preparation ensure a high quality tool that will last many years into the future.

  • Carbon fibre frame,
  • All anodized aluminum parts
  • Oversized axel for extra rigidity
  • Simple yet reliable drag system
  • XL ceramic tube that has a bigger than average inner diameter
  • Adjustable ceramic tube
  • Built to be easier to thread and nicer for people tying with thicker threads 

Instead of making a couple of different sizes, we decided to give this one  an adjustable ceramic tube than can be adjusted acording to preference or even swapped if someone is accident prone


Currently available on kickstarter until january 31st